Before the 🌸 Cherry Blossoms: Season of the plums

This year, the forecast seems to be correct. The weather is getting warmer, which means sakura (桜・cherry blossoms)  are just around the corner. My favorite season of the year. It’s like a gift from God…a reward for surviving the long winter (at least for me).

Now just before sakura blossom, there are the plum blossoms (梅). They look very similar, but be sure to look closely as they’re not the same thing though in my opinion, both are just as beautiful. I can’t decide between which of them that I like better.

This year, I went to Hanegi park in Setagaya-ku. They hold a plum blossom festival(梅祭り)annually. Last year, I went to the same park when all the plums still looked like popcorns on branches…lucky for me this time, I caught them at their best. I thought I’d share them with you.


There are many types of plum blossoms. They come in different colors and shades. Just by walking in the park, eating my hot crispy fried chicken(から揚げ karaage), I felt at peace. It was a beautiful day. Now, I am really excited for the cherry blossoms to bloom. It can happen any day now. Happy spring everybody!



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