The African Sky

Facebook just reminded me that a year ago–I was in a safari park in South Africa.

Last year,  I was lucky enough to go to South Africa twice. In March of 2017, I went on my first trip ever to Africa. It was also my first business trip abroad and I never would have thought that it would be somewhere so far away. It took about one whole day to get to Johannesburg from Tokyo with one stop in Hong Kong. And as you can imagine, my mileage points in a frequent flyer mileage went through the roof. So many miles–and a someone who likes to travel, that’s a great thing to have.

I felt very fortunate to have had the opportunities I had at my former company. Although it was only a five day-trip, two of which were spent on the plane, the trip was special to me as it was the first time I felt like I really got entrusted with big responsibilities at work. The results of the journey were also very fruitful and so for many reasons, this place would always leave a good impression on my mind.

My most favorite thing about South Africa is the sky. The African sky is just not like anywhere else I’ve been. It’s as if the entire land is covered with the sky. Maybe it is this way everywhere else in the world but with all the skyscrapers and pollution, it’s not as noticeable as in Africa. My friends who have been to the countryside in Africa say the same thing.  The sky was just a very beautiful clear sky. The sunset was breathtaking. Even in the city, you can see that beautiful sky and when you’re in a moving car looking out the window, it makes you feel that earth is just vast and nature is just amazing. I’d never seen a place with such bright pure sunlight. To be honest, I can’t really explain it and pictures don’t do it any justice so I hope that if you haven’t been, you’ll get to go and see for yourself one day. Even before the rain, the last sunlight that shone through the clouds looked spectacular. I really felt at peace there. (On the other hand, when the storm came, I could say that the lightning looked scarier than other places I’ve been, too.) All of the photos below were taken from inside a moving car with my iPhone 6 and no filter.


Ride from the airport (around 5pm)


Pictures can’t capture its beauty. Constructions in sight… But I remember the feeling I had when I looked up to that orange sky.


Five minutes before the rain. Such quiet beauty.


On the road (around 2pm). Saturday, from the front seat. You feel like you’re covered with the sky.  Like the world is really round and I hadn’t noticed until then.


Sandton area


Sandton area

My second most favorite thing was probably the meat (obviously). It’s tasty and very well priced. But the amount was gigantic − you can order your meat from 100g, 200g, 300g, 400g, 500g or even in kgs. Meat heaven.

Other than these two things above, I generally just really enjoyed my experience there. The meat, the wine, the sky, the scenery. I should also mention that the people were nice and friendly. I was there on business so I didn’t really get to see or do much but I did get a chance to go to the safari, a sight-seeing safari, and nothing beats that. #AFRICANSAFARI



I stayed in a hotel near Sandton Towers Mall/Nelson Mandela Square in Johannesburg where a giant sculpture of Nelson Mandela stood. On my second trip there in November, Mr. Mandela was joined by another young lady.

There is a lot more I want to do there. Much more. I’d need time – lots of time no doubt. On my way back, somebody told me that their favorite food is Braai (South African BBQ)! I need to try that. I’ll be back someday.



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