About me

Greetings readers,

I am Ploy, originally from Bangkok, Thailand. This explains why my name might not be very familiar (Ploy = Sapphire in Thai). In 2007, I came to Japan to travel and accidentally heard about a scholarship from a girl I met on the tour bus. A year later, I landed in a small town down south of Japan. This time, I was to stay for a long time. I was 17.

I was a student at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Beppu city, Oita prefecture. 3.5 years in one of the most multi-cultural university in Japan, I met so many wonderful friends and professors from all over the world. I learnt so much from all the things I experienced there. I decided to stay and worked for a Japanese Fortune 500 company.


Then I left (permanently, so I thought).

I went to the UK to further my study but fate brought me back to Japan. I came back again in spring 2015.

As I am writing this right now, it is 2018 and there was about 5 year-gap from my last post on this blog (I have contributed to other websites). I am older and hopefully, a little wiser. Life is as always − never easy but I don’t think I ever expected anything less.

In here I hope to share a few glimpse of my life and some tips here and there when I can. And I encourage you to reach out to me and share your stories as well.



Side facts

  • I speak 4 languages − Thai, English, Japanese, Chinese and now attempting French.
  • I love traveling and meeting new people.
  • I value true friends and life experiences.
  • I believe in real dedication…with a little bit of fate.
  • I try not to take things for granted.
  • When I can, I let people know I am grateful.
  • I am not perfect and I am here to learn.


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  1. Hi Ploy,

    My name is Emilie, I am a foreign student from Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto. I chanced upon your videos while looking for jobhunting information from youtube and have liked reading your blogs ever since. I have followed you on twitter as well. Sorry, if this seemed random to you. But is it alright if I ask you some questions with regards to jobhunting in Japan?


    • Hi Emilie!

      Thank you for your msg.
      Can you send me a tweet in twitter? So I can follow you and DM you my email. 🙂 I’m not sure how much I can help but I’ll be happy to help!


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