Official seal-Inkan/Hanko (はんこ/印鑑) in Japan.

In Japan, a lot of times, a signature only is not enough for official documents. Other than a signature, a personal seal or “Inkan” or “Hanko” in Japanese is used when you sign official documents at a bank, workplace and others. Last week, I just made myself a […]

Fall travel: Nikko 日光, Toshigi

During this 3 days holidays (November 23rd-25th), I took a day trip to Nikko city which is located in Toshigi prefecture (日光市、栃木県). Apparently, it is in the northern part of Kanto region. I always thought it is quite far from Tokyo but in fact, it took only about […]

Horse meat 馬刺し!

In the last last post, I wrote about my trip to Mt. Aso in Kumamoto prefecture. I got impressed with Kumamoto and decided to go there again on my graduation trip. It was a very short trip since we went to so many cities in Kyushu on a […]

Outlet malls in Japan

LOVE SHOPPING? For people who love shopping like me, taking a day trip to an outlet mall is a great fun! I love bargains and sales so outlet mall is kind of awesome especially outlet malls in the US with all the shops outside and the whole place […]